Deep Sea and Open Ocean Reference Sites

This internet page was build in order to facilitate the process for choosing the criteria, questionnaires, templates, for the "Deep Sea and Open Ocean References Sites" within the scope of MARBEF Network of Excellence. In the following table, on the left side, you may find the processes used under BIOMARE Research Project; those should now be adapted under MARBEF (right side). This table will be filled according to the sugestions that the involved scientists will send to Ricardo Serrão Santos or are included in the comments page, which you can access using the links present in the bottom of this page together with the Login and Password which was given to you by email.



Criteria Table Part 1 - Part 2

Example of ATBI Reference Site
Svalbard Page 1 - Page 2


(new) Final Reference Site PDF Files (new)
AFEN; Eastern Mediterranean; Meteor; MoMAR;
Porcupine Abissal Plane
; Porcupine Seabight;
; Sedlo.
Other Extreme Environments
La Ciotat; Jameos del Agua; Porto Cristo.

Example LTBR Reference Site Page 1 - Page 2

Other examples: Menez Gwen - Lucky Strike
(Sites out of the scope of BIOMARE)

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