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CEPROPESCA - Certificação e Promoção de Pescarias e Produtos de Pesca Açorianos


The fishery on the Azores is typically traditional and artisanal, performed using hook and line fishing gear allowing a minimum impact on the marine environment and providing fish produce with a very high quality standard.

The certification of a sustainable fishery and its products using green labels, also known as Eco-labelling, promotes a better and more efficient use of resources and provides the consumer with the certitude that he purchased highest quality fish caught in a sustainable way.


The CEPROPESCA project's principal objectives are:

To certify the Azorean Demersal Fishery using a 'green tag' or eco-label that may provide international recognition and promote the fishery as being sustainable.

To create a labelling system for the identification of the fisheries produce, whether it be fresh, frozen or preserved.

To promote the fishery and its produce as being environmentally sustainable with minimal impact upon the marine environment.



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