I am a young Marine Fisheries Biologist that graduated at the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia (Canada) in early 2007. During the last ten years I have been mostly working at the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores (Portugal). I have been involved in several research projects focusing deep-sea and seamounts ecology and fisheries management. We recently demonstrated that global landings of marine fishes have shifted to deeper water species over the last 50 years. We have also proved that fishery industry is now exploiting the last refugees for most fish species and targeting highly vulnerable fish with little resilience to overexploitation. We have identified the deep-sea as the new candidate for conservation. My scientific output, mainly dedicated to seamount ecology, seamount fisheries management, ecosystem modelling, and to the Azores ecosystems, comprises over 20 contributions to peer-reviewed journals, several book chapters, and many other reports. I have co-edited a book on “Seamounts Ecology, Fisheries and Conservation” and edited with Daniel Pauly a report on “Seamounts: Biodiversity and Fisheries”.

This webpage aims to make accessible some information about the work I have been involved with. Suggestions are very welcome.



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Book launched
Edited by: Tony Pitcher, Telmo Morato, Paul Hart, Malcolm Clark, Nigel Haggan and Ricardo Santos

Seamounts are ubiquitous undersea mountains rising from the ocean seafloor that do not reach the surface. There are likely many hundreds of thousands of seamounts, they are usually formed from volcanoes in the deep sea and are defined by oceanographers as independent features that rise to at least 0.5 km above the seafloor, although smaller features may have the same origin.

This book follows a logical progression from geological and physical processes, ecology, biology and biogeography, to exploitation, management and conservation concerns. In 21 Chapters written by 57 of the world's leading seamount experts, the book reviews all aspects of their geology, ecology, biology, exploitation, conservation and management. In Section I of this book, several detection and estimation techniques for tallying seamounts are reviewed, along with a history of seamount research.

This book represents a unique and fresh synthesis of knowledge of seamounts and their biota and is an essential reference work on the topic. It is an essential purchase for all fisheries scientists and managers, fish biologists, marine biologists and ecologists, environmental scientists, conservation biologists and oceanographers. It will also be of interest to members of fish and wildlife agencies and government departments covering conservation and management.

Supplementary material is available at: www.seamountsbook.info


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