Final FREEsubNET Workshop

The FREEsubNET project was a Marie Curie Research Training Network under FP 6 (MRTN-CT-2006-036186) and provided a European-wide excellence in quality training to young and experienced researchers in the emerging field of Cooperative Autonomous (Intervention) Underwater Vehicles. 15 partners were involved in the project which was finalised in October 2010.

In July 2010 more than 30 scientists from 13 European and Canadian research institutions came together in the Azores to participate in the final workshop of the project. The workshop focused on the interplay between marine science and technology and consisted of a series of talks by experts, followed by practical work at sea and in the laboratory that centered around two representative and challenging scientific mission scenarios:

1st scenario: Habitat mapping of a hydrothermal vent field,
2nd Scenario: Acoustic telemetry and tracking.

Enjoy results, lectures and much more of the eventful week.