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Opens a call for the selection of candidates with an MSc degree

The IMAR (Instituto do Mar) opens a call for the selection of candidates with an MSc degree for a fellowship within the funded EU/ Project H2020-BG-2015-2- 679849-2” “Deep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North Atlantic: an integrated approach towards their preservation and sustainable exploitation”. To the selected candidate will be granted a scholarship for the duration of 6 months, starting January 2017 eventually renewed by another 6 months, to develop research activities on deep-sea sponges of the Azores.

Project/work tasks: Although globally recognized as important habitat forming organisms, the full composition and structure of sponges dominated communities as well as their geographical distributions remain largely understudied. The overall objective of this project will aim at increase the knowledge of deep-sea sponges in the Atlantic. Therefore, the research fellow will integrate a project focusing on what are amongst the most ecologically and biologically important and vulnerable marine ecosystems of the deep-sea - sponge grounds – that have thus far received very little research and conservation attention.
The selected candidate will essentially help on the study of the physiological aspects of the sponges and associated fauna

 Specific task of the research fellow include:

  • Quantification of the Energy budgets (elemental C, H, N) and condition status through biochemical proxies (lipid classes, fatty acids, total proteins and carbohydrates) in different tissues of the sponges and associated fauna;

  • Quantification of pigments on the sponges and associated fauna,

  • Quantification of the potential food sources for the sponges and associated fauna;

The candidate will contribute to the writing of reports and scientific articles in the field of the call.

Qualifications: The successful candidate should have a Master degree or equivalent in biochemistry or related field. Experience with analytical instruments such as gas chromatography, spectrophotometry, is fundamental. Preference will be given to candidates familiar with analytical methodologies such as protein Lowry methods, Carbohydrate methods, Lipid extraction and separation in classes, lyophilisation, and pigment analyses.  Additional preferential conditions include experience in laboratory, statistical analysis, and capacity of work in multidisciplinary teams, management and organizational skills.
The selected candidate must demonstrate confidence, learning capabilities and good habits of work. He/She must be motivated, able to work independently, and must demonstrate good collaborative skills and keenness on fulfilment of timetables and deadlines. Good communication skills in oral and written English are essential. The successful candidate must have availability to initiate the work upon conclusion of the evaluation that is expected by December 2017.

The work will be based in the island of Faial (Azores - Portugal) and it is mandatory that the candidate live in Faial for the duration of the scholarship.

Informal enquiries can be made Ana Colaço (

Conditions of the scholarship: Duration: 6 months eventually renewed by another 6 months, on an exclusive basis as mandated by IMAR-Institute do Mar fellowship regulations.

Compensation: The research fellow will receive a monthly allowance of 980 euros, according to the table of Research Grants values in accordance with the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) regulations ( The fellow will be covered by a personal accident’s and can contribute voluntarily to the national social security system, according to the Dec.-Lei nº40/49 from 1th February.

Applications: Applications are welcome from 20th November to  4th December 2017. If a suitable candidate is not found, applications will continue to be accepted until the placement is fulfilled for an additional month. Candidates must formally submit their application by e-mail, to: Doutor Ana Colaço, IMAR Instituto do MAR, 9901-862 Horta to and Cc. to

The following documents must be provided: letter of interest, detailed CV, photocopy of university degrees and other certificates, all other documents that may be considered of value to evaluate the application.

Jury of Selection:  Doutor Eduardo Isidro, Doutora Ana Colaço; and Dr Christopher Pham, An interview may be required.

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