Notícias do DOP e do Centro do IMAR da UAc


A call for applications for a fixed-term contract is now open.

Position: Superior technician within the project “Recolonisation potential hosted by seamounts for faunal recovery in disturbed deep-sea environments” (Acores-01-0145-Feder-000054_RECO) financed by the Operational Program Açores 2020 and implemented by IMAR – Instituto do Mar, based at the Department of Oceanography and fisheries, University of the Azores.

 Scientific discipline: Marine biology, Deep sea, ecology, imagery analysis.

Requirements:The successful candidate should hold a Licentiate’s or Master’s degree in environmental and or marine sciences and demonstrate a good background in marine ecology and diversity assessments with an interest in deep sea and post-disturbance (recovery) studies.

The ideal candidate is keen to learn and will have the following requirements:

(i) good knowledge of benthic fauna, diversity and taxonomy as well as visual identification of organisms,

(ii) experience with image analysis and a willingness to learn new tools and software,

(iii) sound knowledge of ecological analyses,

(iv) experience in working in the deep sea,

(v) fluent in English (written and spoken).

Functions: The selected candidate will join a multidisciplinary research team that studies the possible effects of mining activities in the nodule fields of the Pacific and to estimate the recolonisation potential hosted by neighbouring seamounts. The data gathered will be linked and extrapolated to seamount data from the Atlantic and proxies for faunal recovery and resilience will be drafted. In order to be able to estimate the impacts of possible mining activities, knowledge needs to be acquired regarding faunal composition of the areas (spatial variation), over large distances (connectivity) and ecosystem functioning.  The candidate will contribute to ongoing research within the RECO project that on its turn complements the JPIOceans pilot action called ‘Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining’ (https://jpio-miningimpact.geomar. de/home). Main tasks of the selected candidate will be the analyse of imagery image of fauna associated with nodule fields in the Pacific Ocean from the Deep Peru Basin and Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone (CCZ) and surrounding seamounts. Both video imagery and still photographs will be analysed. Some training might be required regarding the image analysis software used.

Applicable legislation: Code of the Portuguese labor, approved by the Law nº7/2009 of 12th of February with all the modifications introduced thereafter. Contract to be signed for the execution of an occasional task, following the terms defined in section g), nº2, of article 140º of the Labor Code.

Work location: The work will be developed at IMAR- Instituto do MAR, based at the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries, University of the Azores in Horta (Faial Island) under the scientific guidance of Dr. Daphne Cuvelier.

Contract duration:  The contract will be valid for six months, renewable up to 18 months, according to the law. Under no circumstances will the contract be in force beyond the period required for execution of the project and may not exceed the legal limit of 18 months.

Compensation: The researcher will be paid according to the Portuguese regulations on public service under the category of “Tecnico Superior” index 15 and all other benefits previewed by the Portuguese legislation.

Evaluation process: Evaluation will be based on the information contained on the following documents to be provided: letter of interest, detailed CV, photocopy of university degrees and other certificates, along with other documents that may be considered of value to evaluate the candidate in relation to the present call. An interview may eventually be required.

Application deadline and process: The call is open from November 20 to December 15, 2017. Applications must be formalised, by email with the following documents: letter of interest; detailed Curriculum Vitae and photocopies of university degrees and other certificates. Applications can be sent in English or in Portuguese. Failure to send the requested documents will be grounds for exclusion. Applications should be sent by e-mail duly identified with the subject: Concurso – RECO_2 – 2017 to Dr. Daphne Cuvelier (, cc to Sandra Silva (

Jury of Selection: Dr. Daphne Cuvelier, Dr. Marina Carreiro e Silva, Dr. Ana Colaço and Dr. Pedro Ribeiro. An interview may eventually be required. The composition of the jury may be changed in virtue of eventual conflict of interests with competing candidates.

Notification of the results: The final results of the evaluation will be presented through a list sorted by final score obtained and sent by electronic mail to all candidates, the approved candidate being notified by email. If the decision is unfavorable, the candidates have 10 working days to comment. The jury reserves the right to cancel this process and not select any candidate, if no candidate presents the required academic training, the qualifications and / or does not meet the conditions and / or profile deemed necessary for the efficient execution of activity.

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