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Call for applications for a PhD research fellowship Project (IF/01194/2013/CP1199/CT0002) IMAR/BI/IFCT/TM/2017

IMAR – Institute of Marine Research, is opening a call for one post-doctoral fellowship within the research project IFCT Exploratory Project (IF/01194/2013/CP1199/CT0002) “Signature of human disturbances in deep-sea ecosystems”, funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia FCT -MCTES, with the duration of 12 months starting on August 2017, or as soon as the selection process is completed


Field of research: Geographic Information Systems, spatial data analysis and modelling, spatial database management, and spatial data visualization, applied to the marine sciences. This post-doctoral fellowship is part of the IFCT Exploratory Research project "Signature of human disturbances in deep-sea ecosystems" (IF / 01194/2013 / CP1199 / CT0002) and aims to carry out a spatial analysis of human activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Azores.

Admission requirements: Candidates must hold a PhD degree in Geographic Information Systems or related fields, and have proven experience in spatial data analyses and management. Candidates must also have proven experience in developing spatial data visualization tools and preferably experience in the development of predictive species distribution models. Good writing skills in English, working in interdisciplinary projects, teamwork and a good record of scientific publications are essential.


Work plan: The candidate will have the following specific responsibilities:

a) Spatial analysis of the Vessel Monitoring System data for the creation of maps and forms of visualization of the fishing effort aggregated by fleet;

b) Development of maritime traffic maps using all available information;

c) Support the development of deep sea species distribution models;

d) Support the marine Geographic Information System of the Azores;

e) Provide support with the preparation of project reports and writing of scientific publications on the results obtained.

Applicable laws and regulations: Law no. 40/2004, of 18 August (Statute of the Scientific Research Scholars); FCT Regulation for Studentships and Fellowships; Regulations for Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources.

Workplace: The work will be developed at IMAR – Institute of Marine Research, hosted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceanography of the University of the Azores (DOP-UAc) in Horta (Faial Island), under the supervision of Dr. Telmo Morato.


Duration of the scholarship: The grant will last for 12 months, commencing preferably on the August 2017, or as soon as the selection process is completed.


Compensation: The research fellow will receive a monthly allowance of 1,495 €, in accordance to the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) official table of fellowships ( The fellow will be covered by a personal insurance and voluntarily contribution to the national social security system, according to the Dec.-Lei nº40/49 from 1st February.


Selection criteria: The selection of candidates will be based on curriculum evaluation, taking into account the academic record and the demonstration of the capabilities listed in the admission requirements. Interviews may be conducted to better assess the capability of candidates.


Application submission: The call will be open from the 28th July to 10 th August 2017. Applications must be submitted by email by sending the following documents: Letter of motivation with justification of skills for the position, detailed Curriculum Vitae and copy of university degrees. Failure to submit the requested documents will be reason for exclusion of the application. Applications should be sent by email to Dr. Telmo Morato (, cc for Sandra Elisabete Garcia da Silva (


Evaluation committee: Dr Telmo Morato (President of the committee), Dr Marina Carreiro-Silva (vogal) and Dr Christopher K. Pham (vogal).


Notification of results: The final results will be presented in a list ranked by the candidates’ final scores, to be sent by e-mail to all applicants. The successful candidate will be notified via email. If the decision is unfavourable, the candidates have 10 working days to appeal. The jury reserves the right not to award the scholarship based on the quality of the applications.

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