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Doutoramento e Pós-doutoramento em Food-web Dynamics

The 4-year postdoc and 4-year PhD position on Andrew Jackson's project has been advertised and I would appreciate if you might circulate it around your networks. While the topic is broadly around food-web dynamics (for the postdoc) and ecological niche (for the PhD) and how we might make better use of stable isotopes as indicators of these ecological processes, the setting for the work is malleable and can be tailored to suit individual interests. In my current thinking, quantitative marine fisheries is an obvious link and I have other complementary collaborations on-going in this field. Similarly, I have lots of fun terrestrial projects on-going again through collaboration networks and so I am very open to working with candidates to build a project around a topic that suits them and the project.

More information and links to the documents (also attached here) and details available here 

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